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Love Chair

ME Love Chair is a pair of upholstered chairs that join hands.

This modern interpretation of the chaise à conversation is designed to encourage privileged conversations between two people sitting next to one another.

With a simple gesture, the chairs can be separated to be used individually or again joined to start a game of musical chairs.

These chairs look for each other and dance together giving life to multiple arrangements depending on their use and the choice of the various seat colours.

ME Love Chair is made of solid beech wood treated with oil. The seat is upholstered in cotton velvet, available in several colour combinations. In the ecological version, the padding is available in combed wool.

ME Love Chair is dedicated to Máire and Ermanno Barisone.

ME Love Chair Aquamarine & Cadet Blue

ME Love Chair Eggplant & Lilac

ME Love Chair Purple & Pale Lilac

ME Love Chair Indigo

ME Love Chair Pale Yellow

ME Love Chair Burgundy